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    The people of Knox Church thank you for your interest in our congregation. This Website contains information about the life of Knox. For further information regarding any activity, please call the church office (519) 524-7512. Visitors are always welcome. If you are looking for a church home, there is a place for you here at Knox.

    Rev. David Clements

    Thought of the Day

    Knox Church Historical Sketch
    1835 - 1997

    Records of 1830 mark the earliest reference to Presbyterianism in Goderich as a "place without a minister, but with a considerable congregation".

    The first settled minister, Rev. Alex MacKenzie, arrived in 1835 and conducted services in a log school house. The first church building was erected on East Street near the present Federal Building. Meanwhile, the Church of Scotland with Rev. McKid founded St. Andrew's Congregation in 1844 with church and manse on Nelson Street.

    1867 marked the formation of the Dominion of Canada. Eight years later, in 1875, the four branches of Presbyterianism in Canada united to become the Presbyterian Church in Canada. In Goderich, the people chose to worship in Knox Church while St. Andrew's became a Gaelic Mission.

    The Church union crisis of 1925 saw Knox congregation voting to remain within the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

    On September 30, 1950, tragedy struck when the church was destroyed by fire. The decision to rebuild was taken immediately. The present edifice was dedicated in September, 1952.

    Knox FireAnother View of the Fire At Knox

    Knox Church has seen five men and one woman ordained to full time ministry and four women to deaconess work at home and overseas.

    A major building campaign in 1993 provided us with modern offices and made our building fully accessible for wheelchairs.

    Our congregation will celebrate 167 years of witness in 2002 and our prayer is that God will continue to use us as we serve him in this community.